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Paradiski is a ski-area in the Tarentaise Valley offering uninterrupted skiing in between the areas of Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and La Plagne. The area is linked, since December 2003, by the Vanoise Express. In total over the three resorts there are 160 lifts and 425 km of pistes, with 152 green/blue (beginner) runs, 79 red (intermediate) runs and 22 black (expert) runs.

Paradiski relies on the operation of the Vanoise Express. As a result of safety inspections in December 2007 the operators announced that this lift would be shut for the rest of the 2007/2008 season. It reopened for the 2008/2009 season and provides a rapid and spectacular connection between the 2 halves of the Paradiski.

Within the Tarentaise Valley you find the biggest concentration of world-class ski resorts in the world. Most well known neighbour systems are Espace Killy (Val d'Isère and Tignes) and Les Trois Vallées (Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens and more). A weekly lift ticket in Paradiski gives you a choice to ski one day in each of the other two systems mentioned. There were once plans to interlink all systems and resorts to create the - by far - largest ski area in the world. However that vision was ended with the creation of the Vanoise National Park.

La Plagne

La Plagne is a French ski area in the alpine valley of the Tarentaise (Savoie). Since 2003, La Plagne and the neighbouring resort of Les Arcs form Paradiski's ski area. It is currently owned by Compagnie des Alpes.

La Plagne lies at altitudes between 3,250 metres (10,660 ft) (on the Glacier de la Chiaupe near the top of Bellecôte) and 1,250 m (4,100 ft) (in the village of Montchavin). La Plagne has 100 km2 (39 sq mi) of ski area spread across four communes (Aime, Bellentre, Champagny-en-Vanoise and Mâcot-la-Plagne). La Plagne has 225 kilometres (140 mi) of slopes (134 slopes: 15 black/expert, 30 red/advanced, 72 blue/intermediate, and 10 green/beginner), and a large off piste skiing area including Bellecôte's North Face. La Plagne is a modern ski resort with 2 cable-cars: the Telemetro, linking Plagne Centre and Aime-La Plagne and the Vanoise Express (which links La Plagne to Les Arcs, was opened in 2003, and travels at over 40 km/h or 25 mph, making it one of the fastest[citation needed] of its kind in the world0, 8 gondolas, 36 chairlifts (1 8-seater, 11 6-seaters, 19 4-seaters, and 5 2-seaters) and 38 drag lifts.[1] A bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track was built in La Plagne for the 1992 Winter Olympics held in nearby Albertville.


La Plagne was created in 1961, as with many resorts in the Alps, to save the valleys from becoming deserted. The agriculture and mining industries were in crisis, which led to young people leaving the valley in search of work. In 1960, four towns (Aime, Bellentre, Longefoy and Macôt) created an association to defend their interests, with an initiative of Dr. Borrionne, mayor of Aime. On 24 December 1961, La Plagne opened, with its two drag lifts and its four slopes. Emile Allais, great ski-champion, has helped La Plagne to grow. Immediately, La Plagne generated a great deal of success, and in 1966, Guy Lux, a French TV, presented "Interneiges", a live competition between two French resorts.[2]

Les Arcs

Les Arcs is a ski resort located in Savoie, France, in the Tarentaise Valley town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Initially created by Robert Blanc and Roger Godino, it is a part of the huge Paradiski system which is under ownership by Compagnie des Alpes, a French-listed company owning several other ski resorts as well as theme parks.

The skiing

The five areas—Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950 and Arc 2000—are situated at an altitude spanning from 810 to 3225 metres, although skiing is mostly possible above 1200 metres. The ski area consists of 106 runs, 54 lifts and 200 kilometres of descent. The highest peak in the resort is the Aiguille Rouge (Red Needle) from where is a 7 km long piste with 2026 metres in vertical drop down to the Village Villaroger. Since the opening of the Vanoise Express cable car in December 2003, Les Arcs has become part of the Paradiski group of ski-connected resorts, which also includes the La Plagne area. Paradiski in total has 425 km of pistes.

From the base of the gondola up to the Aiguille Rouge, at 2670 m. To the right is the Aiguille Grive

Les Arcs has the reputation of being one of the original French "mega-resorts". All of them have a convenient, large and varied network of pistes. Les Arcs has the specificity of a unique "avant-garde" modernist architecture labelled as "heritage of the 20th century". Most of its resorts are built following this modernist architecture, with the exception of latest—Arc 1950—which is built following the traditional architecture in the Alps and also with a more defined village ambience.

The ski domain provides a mixture of open runs (especially above Arc 2000) and wooded runs (around the outlying villages of Peisey and Villaroger in particular). Its terrain park has a good reputation, with green, red and black jumps and rails. It is also good for snowboarders, with few drag lifts. The ski lifts have been gradually updated so virtually all critical lifts are modern, fast and comfortable.

Modelled on the accelerated progress of the Sophringham Method, Les Arcs' ESF ski school teaches ski evolutif; students are taught parallel turns from the beginning, but on very short skis (that get progressively longer through the first week). Les Arcs is regarded as having excellent beginner ski areas in each resort, although absolute beginners have little to progress to; away from the nursery slopes things get trickier. Les Arcs is also regarded by many as the home of snowboarding in Europe. Local instructor Régis Rolland popularized the snowboard in France with the Apocalypse Snow series of films made in the resort in the early 1980s.

The ski area of Arc 2000 and 1950 consists of a broad valley, with these two resorts at the bottom of its broader part. One of the sides of the valley is the ridge with the area's highest point, the Aiguille Rouge. The other side is a ridge to Arc 1600, 1800 and Peisey-Vallandry, which hold a wide range of runs. There are also a lot of relatively safe off-piste possibilities available in addition to those where you would require a mountain guide.

In Arc 2000 you also find the famous speed skiing course used in the 1992 Olympics (Speed skiing at the 1992 Winter Olympics).[1] It is 2000 metres long with an additional 700 metres for stopping.

The current world records in speed skiing was set in Les Arcs with Italian Simone Origone at 251.4 km/h (156.2 mph) and Swedish Sanna Tidstrand at 242.59 km/h (150.74 mph), both in April 2006. The amateur record at Les Arcs is held by Frenchman Stephane Teteblanche at a fairly ponderous 85km/h. The course is sometimes open for the public but with restrictions in altitude, snow preparations, equipment, etc., to limit the speed.


Creation of les Arcs[edit]

1968 : Arc 1600 resort opening.

1974 : Arc 1800 resort opening with the inauguration of the Hotel du Golf.

1979 : Arc 2000 resort opening with the Club Med.

2003 : Inauguration of the first tourist residences in Arc 1950. The village was completed 2008.

Thanks to a successful collaboration in the early 60s between Roger Godino, developer and constructor in mountain tourism, and Robert Blanc, born in the area and a ski instructor and high mountain guide, Les Arcs took shape with the help of well-known engineers, architects and town planners sharing the same creative spirit.

Three fundamental rules were followed in order to create a functional and aesthetic construction in keeping with the tourist development of that time:

Respect for the area and the natural surroundings,

The conservation of existing old mountain chalets which were not to be copied for more authenticity,

The use of local material.

Les Arcs is completely integrated into the mountain setting and distinguished by an exterior architecture avoiding buildings overlooking one another and by an interior open-plan concept (open kitchen, large picture windows, and raised balconies) which paved the way for a new style of living.

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Quelque soit l'Ecole De Ski Française que vous choisirez, toutes aussi déférentes les unes que les autres, toutes compétentes, tels que ESA Black Ski, Oxygène, ESF, First track, Optima, DZ, Ski progression, Snow d'light, top ski, Ski School, 333, ... Chacune adhère à un syndicat en général tel que le syndicat des moniteurs ESA, ESI, ESF. Tous les Moniteurs de Ski ou Snowboard et Monitrices de Ski ou Snowboard auront le même diplôme, tous diplômés de l'Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme ( ENSA ). Il en va de même pour la compagnie des guides, le bureau des guide, agence des guides ou l' Ecole De Ski Française et d'Alpinismes ESA Black Ski. Leur seule école de formation s'appelle l'ENSA. Les Moniteurs de Ski, les Moniteurs de Snowboard, les Monitrices de Ski, les Monitrices de Snowboard et les Guides de Haute Montagne sont tous des professionnels indépendants et professionnels de la montagne qui se regroupent dans des structures, le plus souvent appelées "Ecole de Ski" ou "Bureau des Guides" ou "agence des guides" ou "Compagnie des Guides".

Nous proposons nos services d'Ecole De Ski Française Et d'Alpinisme sur le domaine skiable des 3 Vallées en intervenant dans les stations de ski de Courchevel, La Tania, Méribel, Les Ménuires, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val thorens et Orelle. Notre Ecole De Ski Française Et d'Alpinisme est spécialisée et experte en cours privé, cours particulier, cours individuel, leçon privée, leçon particulière, leçon individuelle. Contrairement aux grandes école de ski davantage orientés en cours collectif, leçon collective. Notre Ecole De Ski Française Et d'Alpinisme est une école de ski privée intervenant dans l'enseignement et l'encadrement du ski et du snowboard au même titre que tout autre école de ski, la compagnie des guides ou le bureau des guides, agences des guides. Nos Guides De Haute Montagne et nos Moniteurs de ski ou snowboard et nos Monitrices de ski ou snowboard sont tous qualifiés et dplômés par le seul organisme Français dénommé l'ENSA basé à Chamonix.

Prérogatives ENSA :

-> Les prérogatives des moniteurs et monitrices enseignent sur pistes de ski et en hors des pistes de ski , à l’exception des zones glaciaires non balisées et des terrains dont la fréquentation fait appel aux techniques de l’alpinisme.

Comme l’ensemble des métiers sportifs de la montagne, le métier de moniteur de ski exige outre une parfaite maîtrise de l’activité, une solide motivation pédagogique et... la passion de la montagne.

Le Diplôme d'Etat de ski, moniteur national de ski alpin, permet d’encadrer contre rémunération le ski alpin et les activités assimilées (notamment le snowboard) dans l’ensemble des classes de la progression du ski alpin.

Le titulaire de ce diplôme qui porte le titre de moniteur national, peut exercer sur le domaine sécurisé des pistes et hors des pistes, à l’exception des zones glaciaires non balisées et des terrains dont la fréquentation fait appel aux techniques de l’alpinisme.

Le moniteur de ski alpin est un enseignant professionnel ; son diplôme d’Etat lui permet d’exercer soit en qualité de travailleur indépendant au sein d’une école de ski par exemple, soit en qualité de salarié (UCPA, villages de vacances... ) ou de toute autre structure.

-> Les prérogatives des Guides de Haute Montagne. Le guide de haute montagne est un professionnel dont les compétences de haut niveau ont été certifiées. Il est en capacité, notamment en environnement spécifique, de conduire, d'instruire en sécurité, en responsabilité et en autonomie, tous types de publics pratiquant l'alpinisme et ses activités assimilées, ci-après désignés sous le vocable " alpinisme ". Ses compétences, fondées sur des savoirs et savoir-faire liés au milieu montagnard, lui permettent d'exercer plusieurs types de fonctions :

- des fonctions d'accompagnement, d'enseignement et d'entraînement à finalité éducative, de

loisirs ou de performance sportive ;

- des fonctions de conseiller technique et de consultant dans les activités de montagne ;

- des fonctions liées au secours en montagne.


Whatever the Ecole De Ski you choose, all the Ski Instructors or Snowboard instructors and Ski Snowboard will have the same degree that the Instructors of the ski school or esi, esa,  all graduates of the School National of Ski Mountaineering (ENSA). It also applies to the company of guides, guide office or the French Ski School Black ski And mountainering Skiing. Their only training school called ENSA. The Ski Instructors, Snowboard Instructors, the instructors of skiing, the instructors Snowboard and Mountain Guides are all independent professionals and mountain professionals who come together in structures, usually called "Ski School "or" Bureau des Guides "or" Compagnie des Guides ", "guide agency".

We offer our services to French ski school Ski Mountaineering And the 3 Valleys ski area by intervening in the Courchevel ski resorts, La Tania, Méribel, Les Menuires, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val Thorens and Orelle. Our French Ski school Mountaineering specialized and expert private skiing lessons, individual lessons, group lessons. Unlike the ski school and esi, esa more oriented group lessons. Our French ski school and Mountaineering is a private ski school involved in teaching and guidance of skiing lesson and snowboarding lesson as well as the ski school, the esi, the company guides or the guide office . Our guides From High Mountain and our ski and snowboard instructors are all qualified and dplômés by one organization called the French based ENSA in Chamonix.

ENSA prerogatives:

-> The prerogatives of instructors teach on ski slopes and off the ski slopes, except untagged ice and land areas where attendance has requested such technical mountaineering.

Like all mountain sports businesses, the ski instructor profession requires also a perfect control of the activity, a solid educational motivation and passion ... of the mountain.

The ski State Diploma, National alpine skiing instructor, provides a framework against remuneration downhill skiing and similar activities (including snowboarding) in all classes of the progression of alpine skiing.

The holder of this diploma bearing the national monitor of capacity, can exercise on the secure area of ​​the slopes and off the slopes, except untagged ice and land areas where attendance has requested such technical mountaineering.

The alpine ski instructor is a professional teacher; his state diploma enables him to exercise either as self-employed in a ski school for example, or as an employee (UCPA, holiday villages ...) or any other structure.

-> The powers of the High Mountain Guides. The mountain guide is a professional with high-level skills have been certified. There is capacity, including specific environment, conducting, instructing security, responsibility and autonomy, all types of public practicing mountaineering and similar activities, hereinafter designated by the term "mountaineering". His skills, based on knowledge and know-how related to the mountain environment, it can exercise several types of functions:

- Accompanying functions, teaching and education-oriented training to

leisure and sport performance;

- Technical adviser and consultant in mountain activities;

- Functions related to mountain rescue.

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