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Snowboard Group Lessons

Group Lessons SNOWBOARD

Our group lessons snowboard

From 2h30 to the day with ski instructor

group lessons snowboard school courchevel black ski

Do you want to improve your snowboarding technique and gain confidence to go further? Take advantage of our group snowboarding lessons to receive advice and easy-to-learn techniques from our experienced instructors. The instructors are teachers who help you progress quickly and at your own pace.

From the age of 5, group snowboard lessons for children are ideal. Group snowboard lessons are a concentrate of advice and techniques to progress in groups and improve children's confidence. Groups of snowboarders are made up according to the level and age of each. The quality of teaching is paramount, we limit the size of groups to a maximum of 5 children

group lessons snowboard school courchevel black ski


Snowboard Group Lessons – Courchevel

From :

  • 350€ for 5 afternoons
  • 665€ for 5 days
  • 380€ for 5 mornings

  • From 5 years old
  • Ski / snowboard / cross country ski / tĂ©lĂ©mark / off-piste...
  • All ages
  • All levels
  • 5 children per group maximum
  • Flexible days to start

  • From saturday or sunday or monday to friday or saturday

To learn to snowboard or improve your technique in a friendly atmosphere, we recommend that you opt for group snowboard lessons in Courchevel. Suitable for children, adolescents and adults alike, group ski and snowboard lessons will allow you to improve yourself and discover new sensations while evolving in a pleasant environment. Adults have the option of taking group lessons in off-piste skiing or snowboarding.

Our group snowboard lessons in Courchevel will allow you to fully enjoy the slopes of the ski area thanks to the ski lifts. Your snowboard instructor will show you the most beautiful spots in the area. Our snowboard school allows you to have great flexibility on schedules.

Our professional snowboarders are trained for all levels of skiing.

Share your snowboard instructor to reduce the cost. Create your group of friends, or let us know if you want to share your snowboard instructor.

Remember to book your off-piste snowboarding equipment with our snowboard school in order to have the assurance of new equipment that is changed every year.

Why choose group lessons at the snowboard school in Courchevel?

... For a fast and fun progression...

You will thus benefit from the good atmosphere and the group’s dynamics to progress and you will be able to take advantage of it to help each other.

It’s the opportunity to learn while having fun through technique, games and discovery.

It is also an opportunity to discover skiers and snowboarders from different horizons and to create links by sharing your passion for skiing and the mountains.

Small groups of levels...

The group ski or snowboard lesson for 5 people is an ESA Black ski exclusivity !

For a better quality of teaching of the instructors and to facilitate the learning capacity of the students, we organise the group lessons by groups of 3 to 5 students maximum and by level.

... Supervised by qualified and quality instructors.

The Courchevel ESA Black Ski school provides you with qualified instructors who, thanks to their technical skills and teaching and didactic qualities, will enable you to quickly assimilate the information and technical advice.

Our instructors will know how to motivate you and give you the necessary time and attention to enable you to achieve your objectives and reach a better level.

Do you want to visit the ski area?

Do you want to go for a walk in the 3 Valleys ski area? Our group lessons to discover the three valleys by ski or snowboard offer you the opportunity to ski a little further and contemplate the breathtaking landscape offered by the Courchevel resort and the 3 valleys area.

Book your group outing now to discover the 3 valleys!

How to choose a Snowboard?

What size to choose for your snowboard?

snowboard ski school black ski


Hold your board vertically in front of you, it should be between your shoulder and chin.

-Taking smaller facilitates rotations and figures.

-Taking taller allows you to be more stable at high speed and when landing a jump or recommended for people who are heavy for their height.


Hold your board vertically in front of you, it should be between your shoulder (or base of the neck) and your chin.

-Taking smaller makes it easier to practice. It is also recommended for people who are light in relation to their size.

-Taking larger allows you to be more stable at high speed.

How do I choose my snowboard with big feet?

If your shoe size is 45 or more, choose a Wide snowboard, that is, wider so that the feet do not bite the snow in the curve.