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Training ski instructors and mountain guides

Training school ENSA for ski instructors and mountain guides

Only one school for ski - snowboard Instructors and Mountain Guides

Whatever the Ski School you choose, all the Ski Instructors or Snowboard instructors and mountain Guides will have the same degree that the Instructors of the ski school ESA Black Ski (ski school and mountaineering), Oxygène, ESF, ESI, ESA, First track, Optima, DZ, Ski progression, Snow d'light, top ski, Ski School, 333, Evolution 2, UCPA, ... all graduates of the School National of Ski Mountaineering (ENSA).

It also applies to the company of guides, guide office or the French Ski School Black ski And mountainering Skiing. Their only training school called ENSA. The Ski Instructors, Snowboard Instructors, the instructors of skiing, the instructors Snowboard and Mountain Guides are all independent professionals and mountain professionals who come together in structures, usually called "Ski School "or" Bureau des Guides "or" Compagnie des Guides ", "guide agency".

We offer our services to French ski school Ski Mountaineering And the 3 Valleys ski area by intervening in the Courchevel ski resorts, La Tania, Méribel, Les Menuires, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val Thorens and Orelle. Our French Ski school Mountaineering specialized and expert private skiing lessons, individual lessons, group lessons. Unlike the ski school and esi, esa, esf more oriented group lessons. Our French ski school and Mountaineering is a private ski school involved in teaching and guidance of skiing lesson and snowboarding lesson as well as the ski school, the esi, the esf, the esa, the company guides or the guide office . Our guides From High Mountain and our ski and snowboard instructors are all qualified and certified by one organization called the French based ENSA in Chamonix.

ENSA prerogatives:

-> The prerogatives of instructors teach on ski slopes and off the ski slopes, except untagged ice and land areas where attendance has requested such technical mountaineering.

Like all mountain sports businesses, the ski instructor profession requires also a perfect control of the activity, a solid educational motivation and passion ... of the mountain.

The ski State Diploma, National alpine skiing instructor, provides a framework against remuneration downhill skiing and similar activities (including snowboarding) in all classes of the progression of alpine skiing.

The holder of this diploma bearing the national monitor of capacity, can exercise on the secure area of ​​the slopes and off the slopes, except untagged ice and land areas where attendance has requested such technical mountaineering.

The alpine ski instructor is a professional teacher; his state diploma enables him to exercise either as self-employed in a ski school for example, or as an employee (UCPA, holiday villages ...) or any other structure.

-> The powers of the High Mountain Guides. The mountain guide is a professional with high-level skills have been certified. There is capacity, including specific environment, conducting, instructing security, responsibility and autonomy, all types of public practicing mountaineering and similar activities, hereinafter designated by the term "mountaineering". His skills, based on knowledge and know-how related to the mountain environment, it can exercise several types of functions:

- Accompanying functions, teaching and education-oriented training to

leisure and sport performance;

- Technical adviser and consultant in mountain activities;

- Functions related to mountain rescue.

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