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Yoga Snowboard


SNOWBOARD to Courchevel

Our lessons Yoga Snowboard to Courchevel

From 2h to the day with our specialized instructor of Courchevel

An extraordinary experience - An exclusivity ESA Black Ski


The strengths of private or group Yoga-snowboard lessons in Courchevel

  • 1st in the world

  • Snowboard and Yoga instructors

  • Association of Yoga and Snowboard

  • Playful approach with a smile

  • Adaptability

  • Listening to practitioners

  • Discovery of skiing, new sensations and the mountain

  • Respect for the rhythm of the practitioner

  • Progression

  • Foster the conditions for success

  • Relaxation

  • Positive energy


Lessons Yoga Snowboard


From :

  • 70€/h

  • From 10 ans
  • Snowboard
  • All level
  • Private and group lessons

The alliance of Yoga, Snowboarding and the mountains to start the day with positive energy to Courchevel into the 3 Valléeys ski resort.

Here are the first Yoga-Snowboard lessons offered in the world, exclusively by the professional team of the Black Ski ski school in Courchevel.

In individual tailor-made or group lessons, receive the power of our experienced instructors and teachers, advice and techniques. Our ski instructors adapt to your pace for an extraordinary experience.

In an exceptional environment, our professional mountain instructors and graduates from ENSA (National School of Skiing and Mountaineering) will adapt to women and men, to their aptitudes, to their level, to their experience, to their mobility. in order to offer the best conditions of mastery and resourcing that the practice of YOGA in the middle of nature can bring.

Whatever your level, depending on your physical form and your motivation thanks to the active teaching integrated into our ski and mountaineering school, our experienced instructors will accompany you in relaxation and well-being.

These are tailor-made courses that will allow you to evolve and progress at your own pace, in complete safety. We will create the conditions for success to bring you to success. Beyond the pleasure of practicing yoga and discovering new sensations, your body will develop balance, tone, motor skills and autonomy.


They speak about us version Fémina

Read on the website Version Fémina en cliquant HERE, By

Christine Vilnet

6 mountain activities for more serenity

Yoga, sophrology, qi gong... meditative practices in the mountains are developing and allowing access to true inner plenitude.

Yoga before snowboarding to warm up

On flat ground, with the snowboard nearby but your feet in your shoes, postures derived from yoga reinforce sheathing, lightness and balance. “We also gain better concentration. And the prepared body is less likely to be injured in the event of a fall”, assures the instructor at the ESA Black Ski school, in Courchevel.

How ?

Postures carried out gently, in rotation or in inclination, help to become aware of the dissociation between the upper and the lower body. For example, we keep the shoulder line horizontal and we gradually lighten the weight of one leg on the other to anticipate transfers of support. Breathing always accompanies the movement to stabilize the heart rate.

Why choose private lessons at the Courchevel ski-snowboard school?

…For a fast and fun progression ...

Vous bénéficierez d'un moniteur de yoga ski ou monitrice de yoga ski privé et dynamique spécialisé-e. Vous  progresserez en toute sécurité. 

Les cours privés de yoga snowboard, c’est se découvrir en s’amusant par la technique, le jeu et la découverte des énergies. 

C’est également l’occasion de découvrir les montagnes et d'apprendre les gestes de se nouveau sport. Les pratiquants  créeront des liens avec leur moniteur passionné par la glisse, le yoga et la montagne.

Tailored …

Private or group snowboard yoga lessons for young children on ski or snowboard are an ESA Black ski exclusivity!

For a better quality of educational teaching for ski instructors and to facilitate the student's learning ability, we organize a progression at your pace according to his level.

You will discover the joys and the power of this activities with your yoga instructor.

…Supervised by qualified and quality ski instructors

The Courchevel ESA Black Ski ski school provides you with qualified instructors from ENSA, who, thanks to their technical skills and pedagogical and didactic qualities, will allow you to quickly assimilate information and technical advice during private lessons. snowboard yoga.

Our instructors will motivate you and give you the time and attention you need to achieve your goals and reach a higher level.

The advice of the Black Ski ski school

For your yoga and snowboarding practice to take place in the best possible conditions, it will be recommended to have a bottle of water, a cookie to recharge your batteries.

Think about waterproof gloves, because you risk getting your hands in the snow